About Us

Welcome to AnKlio London Shopping Tours!

We offer a variety of tours across London which can be found in our ‘Tours’ section. Additional services are also available such as shopping online and bridal tours.

Our shopping tours are personalised to suit each individuals’ interests. The aim of AnKlio tours is to make the experience as lovely as possible to help fashion lovers find their favourite places to shop and save time doing it.

We provide a lot of additional services, some of which are included in the tours’ prices. AnKlio can help with arrangement of transportation, booking of hotels, restaurants or any desired venues (theatre, spa, museums). When booking a tour, please mention any of the additional services that you may require and we will make sure that you enjoy your stay in London.

If you are not sure which tour to take or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Why choose AnKlio tours and its services?

Because we offer guided tours to the brands and places you as an individual would like to see. We also provide additional services, such as, foreign exchange services that will give you the best possible rates in the market. We aim to make your experience with us memorable and worry free.